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Curried Beef Short Ribs

Note: I found this was more realistically four servings.

Finishing this dish with lime zest and juice brightens its rich flavors.

Yield 6 servings (serving size: about 3 ounces ribs, 2/3 cup rice, and about 2 1/2 tablespoons sauce)

2 teaspoons canola oil
2 pounds ...continue reading

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Did You Know?

Children and the Flu Vaccine - November 6
CDC recommends that healthy children aged 6 months up through their 5th birthday, their close contacts (people who live with them), and out-of-home caregivers (nannies, daycare providers, etc.) should get a flu vaccine. This expands last yearÂ’s recommendation to now include vaccination for children 2 years old up to their 5th birthday this flu season.

I didn't know the guidelines had changed for this year and I figured that we had aged out. I just called and got Keegan an appointment to get his.


Halloween time makes me think of ghosts and goblins but also of junk food. One of my friends is worried about the reception of the kids in her neighborhood when they find out she is handing out bags of pretzels instead of candy. I think she is doing an awesome service. Those kids will get plenty of junk elsewhere. And unfortunately once you have a candy hound it is hard to break them. Believe me as a former hound myself, I know. Here are some tips for making Halloween safer foodwise.

And here are some tips for parents for healthy habits in general. I really like the tipsheet for eating out.

Are You Moving?

Hey pedometer buddies how is it going? It was a slow start for me because of all of the flooding. I did manage to cover some territory while away at my conference. I am finding that 5,000 steps is normal for me, 8,000 is doable if Keegan and I take our walks, but 10,000 is still elusive. If I had time to walk that much I'd have time to fit in a workout. Dare to dream, hopefully in the near future. Jeff and I have this whole fantasy schedule of how we'll both get to workout. But we have 6 1/2 more weeks of walking to do if you're in this with me. I am sure that will inspire me. Like Erika said to me sometimes just wearing the pedometer is enough to get you to park a little farther out. It is nice to see all the chasing of Keegan and doing chores and errands pays off. I have almost gotten used to the clicking sound when I move.

Use Less Electric Energy And More Of Your Own

April 24-30 is Turn Off Your TV Week

TV Turnoff Week is held each spring to encourage adults, children and families to reduce their TV viewing time as a step toward living a healthier lifestyle. The week focuses on exchanging TV time for physical activity, making more time for meaningful conversation among friends and family members, and discovering new interests. TV viewing uses fewer calories than any other activity.

More info here.

I don't think it counts if you Tivo it all and watch twice as much next week. ;)

Get Moving Girls!

WOMAN Challenge 2006: Women and girls On the Move Across the Nation
Sponsored by the Office on Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Join us for the WOMAN Challenge - an 8-week challenge to increase your physical activity beginning Sunday, May 14th, Mother's Day, to kick off National Women's Health Week

It's quick and easy!
Join thousands of other women and girls (ages 9 and older) who are making a commitment to their health by participating in the WOMAN Challenge.
For participants with disabilities: we offer armband pedometers (while supplies last) and resources for you.
Register now and ...
* Receive a free pedometer and a tracking log to record your
physical activity (while supplies last)
* Choose 1 of 6 virtual routes across the United States to track
your progress during the Challenge -- explore the country without
leaving your hometown!
* Participate as an individual or form a team of two to ten people
* Select a physical activity goal that fits your lifestyle
* Receive motivational emails, useful health information, and
regular progress reports when you record your activity on the
interactive website

Those Pearly Whites

I am one of those people who really gets excited about their job. I usually can't help but share the things I've learned with others. In the future I will be posting items of interest (atleast I think so) about health topics.
Here is some info about children & flouride inspired by my co-worker who specializes in oral health. I wasn't even aware that babies should have flouride.

Fluoride Supplement Dosage Schedule
Approved by: Amer. Dental assoc., Amer. Academy of Pediatrics, Amer. Academy of Ped Dentistry

Fluoride occurs naturally in artesian wells and water should be tested for fluoride content before supplements are prescribed.

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