Alisa. 37. New Hampshire. Married for almost three years to this wonderful, funny, smart guy. Previously married. Went through in-vitro fertilization to have my five year old magical son Keegan. Stepmother to the charming Isabelle (6). Gushingly in love with our baby boy Harper(1). Policy Wonk and dreaded bureaucrat. Lover of fine cuisine, honeybees, truly romantic moments and the underdog.
Curried Beef Short Ribs

Note: I found this was more realistically four servings.

Finishing this dish with lime zest and juice brightens its rich flavors.

Yield 6 servings (serving size: about 3 ounces ribs, 2/3 cup rice, and about 2 1/2 tablespoons sauce)

2 teaspoons canola oil
2 pounds ...continue reading

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DC Round Up
The Miles Between Us
Waist Not Want Not
You Messed With The Wrong Momma
Life Goes On
Road Signs
Paint Shaker
August Is Half Over Already?
Paternal Discrepancy
Feet Dangling
I Knew You When
Should I Invest In A Black Eyepatch?
When I Grow Up
Slow Down Already
Everything Changes
I'll Take The Half-Wit
Sad Children, Happy Me
Family Ties
Thursday Is Random
Widening The Net
Believe In Your Family
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Nose Pressed Against The Window
Is That Even A Word?
Only Tuesday?
At The Root Of It
Eye Of The Tiger
She Is All There
A Girl's Got To Be Good To Herself
Deli Lunch
It's Over Already?
Cool Your Jets
Foiled Again
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Beauty School Knockout
I Can Bend But Not Break
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It Was the Best of Times...
Bedlam & Part Way Back Again
Some Vitamin D
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A Rose By Any Other
Cooler Heads Prevail
Tales Of A Single Mother
This Circus Is Falling Down
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Who's The Smoopy?
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The Queen's Sabbatical
Treading Water
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A Little Spring Today
Not Waving But Drowning
For Just Once It Should Be All About Me
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Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's Off To...
Hip Hip Hooray!
Out of His Shell
One Hand Clapping
She's Gonna Blow
Give Them Space
5 Months
No Duplex
Cereal Facial
Let Me Count The Ways
Chug-Chug, Woo-Woo
You Ought Be In Pictures
America's Past
Empty Jar
Bump In The Night
4 Month Checkup
What's Your Sign?
Too Cool For Shades
Grade A
Can You Use It In A Sentence?
Sleep, Beautiful Sleep
Nipple Nazis
New Bees
4 Months
Big Black Clouds
So Deserving
Girls Are Back In Town
One Fell Out
Glazed Heaven
True Equality
In Summary
15 Weeks
Happy Dance
Sandman On Strike
Space For Rent
14 Weeks
I've Got The Funk
In The Air
3 Months
Reality TV Bites
Honk, snortle, hack
12 Weeks
He's A Flirt
Bermuda Triangle
11 Weeks
Cause I'm Worth It
Gas, Food, Lodging
Bees Knees
Sniff, Sniff
10 Weeks
Neither A Borrower
9 Weeks
Fit To Parent?
Two Month Checkup
8 Weeks
Happy St. Patty's Day
Lean Momma
7 Weeks
Is It Spring Yet?
6 Weeks
Over 30
Off Duty
Couldn't Resist
5 Weeks
Frickin Laser
4 Weeks
Mommy & Me
It All Makes Sense Now
3 Weeks
Birth Story
Post Partum Checkup
Mark It With A "B"
2 Weeks
Leaps & Bounds
His Heritage
Due Date
I Should Have Known
Fan Already
1 Week
Hanging In

he's here!!!

38 Weeks
Crawl Outta My Skin
Fill Her Up
37 Weeks (Again)
Hold The Phone

Almost Famous
Butter Side Down
Belt Them
My Secret Is Out
Next Generation
Two Dog Night
Worthless Wisdom
37 Weeks
Baby Can't Come Until I'm Done
Where Are Those Counting Sheep?
That Pesky Gall Bladder
Lazy Daze
Tiny Hands & Feet
36 Weeks
Daily Affirmations
The Legacy Of N.
Good Tidings
Serenity Now
Christmas Chuckles
Burning For You
Puppy Love
Kisses From Mel
34 Weeks
Who Let The Dog Out?
Joy Unspeakable Indeed
Tissue? I Don't Even Know You.
Showing Teeth
Fung Wah Love
Must Be Dreaming
33 Weeks
Error - Data Not Found
Dumb As A Post
Deja Vu
A Month & A Half
Feminine Wiles
Love That Snow
Out & About
32 Weeks
Got Milk?
Real Love
The Infernal Grinding
Main Event
On The Ground
31 Weeks
It's A 4 1/2 Pounder
The Next Generation
Chubby Cheeks
End Of The Year
November Already?
30 Weeks
Weekend Update
It's Good To Have A Plan
Baby Shower Update
29 Weeks
Spam Lite
Veteran's Day
Cloth Is Cool Again
All Fluff & No Nutter?
The MBTA Is Evil
One Dimensional
28 Weeks
The Good Kind Of Shower
More Rain
All About The Benjamins
One Fuzzy Baby
27 Weeks
Double Trouble
Mommy Mentor
In The Shadow
A Rut
Her Right Foot
Brrrrr Much?
26 Weeks
Where's My Whip?
Willy Wonka's Revenge
He Has To Come Out?
Belly Pants
International Relations
Eustachian Frustration
Closet Fan
25 Weeks
Anemic Anyone?
That's Some Pig!
When I Growup
24 Weeks
Mobile Home
Baby's Wishlist
Early Peas Green
23 Weeks
Caramel Dreams
Look Who's 33
Good Sticky Vibes
Change In My Pocket
In A Barrel
22 Weeks
Holy Moldy Cheese Batman!
Oh God. It's Her Again
Pick Me
21 Weeks
Voice Of The People
On The Move
Main Street USA
Cotter Pin
19 Weeks Or ?
Damn Integrity
What's The Good Word?
Fast & Furious
Episode 1
Who's That Guy?
I Was Worried
My Destiny
Labor Force
18 Weeks
Got A Zippo?
Half Empty
No Fresher
Mountains of Fish
Bag O' Bears
The Keystone State
A New Leaf
Bibliophile Baby
5th Anniversary
16 Weeks
The Right Thing
What Me Fertile?
Farewell Bologna & Cheese
15 Weeks
They Suck
Over The Hill
Dinner & A Movie
Not A Hint
Who's That Girl?
From Under A Rock
Sugar And Spice
Turn Out The Lights
Fun New Phone
Worldwide G-Mom
Girl Next Door
Crackle, Crackle, Fuzz
Brain Working
13 Weeks 4 Days
Still Behind
Road Trip Vignette
I Suck
Pucker Up
Farm Fun
Fit For A King Or Queen
The Butler Bed & Breakfast
How Does Her Garden Grow?
11 Weeks And 1 Day
For Peanut
Hairnets And Gloves
Dub-dub Dub-dub
Super Dud
10 Week Update
Senior Labor
The Whole Truth
Tall Order
Fluffer Nutter
Cous Cous Is Fun
Soul Thirst
Yellow River
Ham & Cheese On White
The Sun Doesn't Shine
Forced Entry
My Freckles Mutiplied
Ah Cous Cous
You Must Be Crazy?
86 In My Livingroom
Eight Weeks
Not Fit For A Bee
Not Myself
Green Eggs And Ham?
Things I Learned
Under The Sea
Holy Heartbeat, Batman!
Venus In Retrograde
It's Everywhere
Peek A Boo
Baby Appleseed
Drool Much?
Blonde As I Wanna Be
Proof Positive
His Words Dance
Rain Go Away
Have A Cow
Service Break
Love Mix
Honey Do
Miss Fuss Budget
Floating Eyeballs
Children's Choice
Carved In My Heart
Errant Mind
June Cleaver Or Not
Neanderthal Man
Small Packages
Zippy Day
Inside Story
Tangled Up CD
Honey Do List
Hairnets And Gloves
No Toe Touches
We'll Call Him Petri
Amy's B-Day
Palms Up
Fetch Those Eggs
Karma Chameleon
Good Earth
Hair Trigger
18 Millimeters
Marketing Plan
Good Karma
Very Bad Cop
Desperately Seeking
In The Hopper
Filled With Potential
Oh Beehave!
Search Me
Jungle Love
Can't Have Just One
Wage Earner
The Burning
Good Food, Good Friends
Grumpy Old Man
Southern By Proxy
Worthy Cause
All Over The Place
Who Am I ?
More Whore?
Retreat! Retreat!
High Tide
The Big Questions
Perpetual Tan Man
Isn't She Lovely
Credit Card Is Still Warm
Love-in Spoonful
Road Rise Up To Meet You
Not Exactly Impressive
Flannel With Sheep
Practical Beekeeper Here
Heads Or Tails?
Rainbow Love
The Big Day
Busy, busy
Hot Bodies
Fine Gauge Needle
The Twelfth Hour
Oyster Sauce & Incense
Count The Ways
Barb's Birthday
Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Heavy Thoughts Dude
Apiary Found
Star Search
Dr. Evil
Gimme Gimme
80 Million Bees
Worth Watching
Jealous Much?
White Everywhere
Auction Fever
Sponges And Razors And Toothpaste, Oh My!
Spring Me From Here
Miss Me?
Constant Stirring
Hostess With The Mostest
Fashion Police
Honey Drippers
I Can Be Bought
A Rose By Any Other
Sunshine And Rain
IVF Appointments
Warm In The Glowing
Idle Hands
One Foot In Front Of The Other
Waking Moment
It's A Bee Thing
Outta Here
Fiber Of My Being
It's Started
They Are Coming!
Get Myself Connected
Sign Here Please
Music Of Life
Time Delay
Alone Day 2
What Kind of Flirt?
Friday Night Scoop
Quick Change McGraw
Shut Up Brain
PSA 3/13
Ride Em Cowgirl
Everything I Do, I Do It For You
Obsessed Much?
One Goodlookin Hive
An Opening
Getting Out
Busy As A...
Sweet As Honey
It's My Perogative
Two Hours Of Work Left
Their Voices
Bladder Control
Head Of The Hive
The Web We Weave
Nature Calls
Grasping At Straws
Up All Night
Silly Name Game
Blurred Vision
Candle At Both Ends
Queens & Drones
The Other Gold
Big Fat Negative
My Sat. 2/22
Multiple Personalities
Shout Out
RI Tragedy
Make Lemonade
On The Run
Lifetime Membership
Weekend Away
Ta Ta For Now
Cupid's Arrows
Gimme Some Love
Chocolate Is A Food Group
Queen Of Prepared Foods
This Woman Can't Be Stopped
The Woods Are Lovely
This Is It
Radio Silence
A Moment Please
Pardon Me, Have You Seen My Mind?
100 Things
It's Gone
Friday Five 1/31
Science Rocks!
It's A Rat Race
Access Denied
Is It Over Yet?
Who's That Snazzykat?
Pop Goes The
Give A Little, Take A Little
Nineteen Inches of Love
Gadget Boy
Shameless Promotion
2 Kids, Will Work For Food
She's Got More
The Aftermath
Getting Ready
Miss Popular
Frodo Has Failed
Casting The Net
The Whole Story Part II
Technology Hates Me
Pond Scum
New Hampshire's Finest
Email Update
Just What I Needed
Save Me That Suite At The Sheraton
Let's Get This Party Started
The Whole Story
So Simple
Mr. Stork Stop Here
The Perfect Date
Almost Heaven
I'm Yoda!
Heavy Sigh
Canine Yule
Honey-Encrusted Hell
A Flurry Of Activity
Momma Said
I'm Addicted
Kanoodle, Schnoodle, Kaboodle
Maid In The Shade
Twisted Tunes
Perfect Balance
Begining To Look Alot Like Christmas
From My Mother
The Netherworld
Easy Access
With A Corncob Pipe
She's Timeless
Oh No She Didn't
Checking It Twice
Represent Your Peeps
No Two Alike
The Woods Are Lovely
Butter Side Up
Sweetness & Light
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
Fast As Lightning
Too Much Stuff
A Moment To Rant
Up Too Late
Thought Provoking
So Easily Amused
Missing In Action
Where Did My Weekend Go?
Jibberish Anyone?
Slave Labor
Freud Anyone?
Here Comes The Bride
Amost Perfect
NY Times
She's Famous!
Getting To Know You
Prodigal Blogger Returns
I'm Off
Bon Voyage
Like A Wet Noodle
Morning After
Medicine Head
Thursday Tao
Great weekend
Brain Soundtrack
Celebrate 10/16
I am at peace
b-day boy
alright already