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Curried Beef Short Ribs

Note: I found this was more realistically four servings.

Finishing this dish with lime zest and juice brightens its rich flavors.

Yield 6 servings (serving size: about 3 ounces ribs, 2/3 cup rice, and about 2 1/2 tablespoons sauce)

2 teaspoons canola oil
2 pounds ...continue reading

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A Very Merry Soul

This was the best Christmas I have had in a very long time. Granted the last two were pretty bad but even so this one would have stood out. On Fri I got to spend quality time with my SIL Barb and then we picked up Keegan and then Jeff came over with subs. We gave Keegan his bath and had bedtime stories and then hung out until our bedtime. I know some people would think it was really weird that I am still friends with my SIL since she is Tom's sister. And they would think it extra weird that they slept in the same house together. But we don't see it that way. We're friends, we're sisters and I am glad that two important people in my life got to meet.

On Sat we dropped them off at Tom's and Jeff and I went to the movies. I highly recommend it during the holdays. We got a break before leaping into more family time. I had wanted to take him to see "Rent" live because I loved the Broadway tour show I had seen but having the movie works too. Then we headed down to my parents where they were hosting my grandparents, my little brother Scott, my big brother Bret, his wife Tammy and their girls Brittany and Brooke. The girls were dying to get their hands on Keegan but they had to wait until the next day. We had a wonderful dinner and some nice family time before Jeff and I headed home. When we got home we put on pyjamas and exchanged gifts while wrapped up in the covers in bed. I highly recommend that too.
The next morning I said goodbye to him and he went back home for Isabelle. I went down to my parents for brunch and presents. Then I went up to Tom's and spent some time with his family. Then I headed back down with Keegan who everyone had been waiting for. He spent on hour outside with his cousins and Nana making snowmen. Then he came in and opened his gifts before Christmas dinner. Afterwards we headed home and Scott came to see my house and stay over. Keegan went right to bed and I followed shortly after. This morning we met everyone out for breakfast and then back to the house for more time together. My grandparents go home tomorrow and Scott flew out this evening. I brought Keegan back to Tom's so that he could spend time with Barb before she leaves tomorrow and his parents before they leave on Wed. It was a lot of back and forth but it worked out okay and I think everyone was happy to get time with Keegan. He's quite the little rockstar.
So here I am and I'm considering opening a bottle of red wine and having some in my new Reidel wine tumblers. And of course I'll seal it back up with my Vacu Vin. I love it when people shop off my wishlist.

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