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Curried Beef Short Ribs

Note: I found this was more realistically four servings.

Finishing this dish with lime zest and juice brightens its rich flavors.

Yield 6 servings (serving size: about 3 ounces ribs, 2/3 cup rice, and about 2 1/2 tablespoons sauce)

2 teaspoons canola oil
2 pounds ...continue reading

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15 Weeks

We had our last mommy and me class on Monday. They aren't offering any more because they got rid of the physical therapy department. It's too bad because everyone really enjoyed them. Keegan had been going since he was 3 weeks old. I will try to keep doing exercieses with him at home but it will be hard to stay disciplined. I found a flyer at the grocery store for a new center that offers a range of mommy and me classes plus free babysitting while mommy is doing a class. I planning on checking it out on one of our next outings.
Keegan discovered he has two hands and that they can grab each other. That is his new favorite thing. Along with rolling on his side but not completely over. This makes him dangerous in the swing or bouncer. I am paranoid about watching him every minute even though he is belted in. When I go to get the mail I carry him with me and he just stares at the trees. He really sems to love being outside. Chip off the old block I think.
Keegan also seems to have had a growth spurt because he looks longer to me. His pant legs still cover his feet but it's not like he's going to trip over them. Sleeping is no better. We get a five hour block then all bets are off. The trouble is that his five hour block starts around 9:30 or so. I am fighting the realization that I should go to bed that early too. I feel like night time is the only chance I get to relax. But when I am up with him wide awake at 6 am I really wish I'd gone to bed earlier. Ugh.
On Mother's Day we took Keegan on his first boat ride. He was not happy in the lifejacket. First he was stunned and then the tears came. Once the boat started moving he had a bottle and fell asleep. He slept the whole ride covered by a blanket from the sun. Oh well, there will be plenty more boat rides in his future.
I have started moving things out of our bedroom and back to his nursery. I am thinking I should also put away the pack and play I am using as a changing table. There aren't any more middle of the night diaper changes now. Plus the more time he spends in his room hopefully the more comfortable he will be. He has been better in his cradle in our room and spends most of the night there unless I get desperate and tuck him in next to me. I love his little body sleeping next to me in bed. But I know we would all sleep better if he had his own space. Between Keegan and Tom's loud breathing and flopping around I am always in a state of semi-consciousness.
I read an article today that said that once you become parents it will be a long before you feel rested again. Some days I feel like I am adapting to the schedule and others I feel completely spacey. The thing about babies is that just when you think they have a routine down, it changes. Here's hoping that happens soon!
The bottom line is that Keegan is a really great baby and usually can be soothed by being fed or held in our laps. It is a rare occasion that he is fussy for no apparent reason. On those days I take comfort knowing that the next day will be better. All it takes is one of his winning smiles to erase the fatigue.

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